Deanna Foster - Garden Design
Custom Landscape Design
Los Angeles, California

Welcome to a garden that will delight you.  I will help you to explore your landscape to discover the features to add that will give you a pleasure garden, a garden for retreat and quiet, a garden for entertaining, a garden to highlight your home.

Deanna Foster - Garden Design


From a client in San Jose, California: “Throughout, the progression on the project was exciting and enjoyable.  From the pre-designs, the collages, and the selection of plants, there was a glimpse of something beautiful that was happening.

With your guidance I now have gorgeous front and back yards.  The backyard is especially inviting - offering privacy, shade trees and sitting areas.  All that I had wished for!  Thank you for listening!” -Lucy.

Good garden design follows universal principles to fit your location and requirements.  A garden must fulfill the owners needs, wishes and tastes.  A garden must attend to its site, its soil and its climates, both macro and micro.  Each garden must then be unique.  What will your garden be?